The Vercors otherwise known as “the castle” is a limestone massif composed of cliffs, ridges, gorges and valleys. Facing the Alps and the Massif de la Chartreuse, Vercors and its four mountains rise offering breathtaking nature year round.

Its fauna and flora are very rich very well preserved, the species are diverse and protected as the Tulip Southern Black Grouse, pygmy owl, the ibex without forgetting the griffon vulture. The Vercors has a major forests of France. It has beautiful grounds for picking mushrooms.

is accessed Lans-en-Vercors via Grenoble train, Saint Geoir Lyon St Exupéry or by air.

Cultural and sports activities:


On a frozen waterfall

Choranche Caves

A world tour of botany at garden fountains Petrifying

A prehistoric cave: Cave Thais

The automata museum

A treetop in the adventure of St Nizier du Moucherotte

hiking trails in Lans en Vercors

Meeting with huskies

Descent Airboard , sledding buoy





The fantasy glassblowers

Children’s Film Festival in Lans en Vercors

The Robot Museum


The piste map downhill and cross

Piste map